Michelle Love, Director, iQ Intelligent Training Pvt Ltd

Mishti is excellent at emoting and drawing out participation from her trainees.


It worked 100 percent for our employees. Infact , we did a survey with them and they really appreciated and liked the New Approach of Learning Thru Theater – We were able to create new mind maps helping employees to adapt to change quickly. Mishti did a great job for us and we valued her experience in Theater the expertise as learning external partner.

SAGA, Participants

Never before have I experienced such an emotional freedom, joy and stress freeness.

Mr. Sharad Jain, DGM HR-Hero Motocorp

On gender diversity program – It cleared many thoughts and beliefs in my mind.Excellent program.

Niharika Kapoor Manager-Corporate Communications Daimler

I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge on how to make my communication more impactful.Perfectly satisfied,coundn’t  be any better !

Swapnil R. Pandil Sr. Exec-Mahindra Logistics.

I learned how to deal with customers.The program was very clearly designed and also was very energetic with lots of action,dramas.