Can boys love pink? Can girls be superheroes? Can boys be homemakers? Can girls spend more time playing sports? Kids grow up with a very narrow definition of what it means to be a boy or a girl. Join us for a bit of gender bending as we demonstrate through. gender identity workshops mumbai.

Program Offerings

  • Corporate dressing and Image management
  • Inner katha-work life balance workshops for women in management
  • Urja-Sensitization workshops on self-identity, unconscious biases and gender diversity
  • Reiki healing
  •  Zubaan-a gender diversity forum based true life stories of women achievers and leaders using theatre, previously performed by Tom Alter.
  • Bahu versus Bottomline- A laugh a riot theatrical learning intervention on managing double burden syndrome and celebrating choices, using effective tools for managing gender collaborative roles and overcoming stereotypes.
  • Sankalpa series- A 3 month programme journey to identify , overcome  glass ceiling barriers and build a powerful resource kit for professional and personal success.
  • Strength based coaching for personal and leadership development, helping work with and manage team effectively, while increasing personal effectiveness with increased awareness of top strengths and potential. Scientific strength finder tools used for the process.